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Ho'olu komo la kaua! (Come join us!)

We look forward to sharing our peaceful and uniquely local Maui experience with you and yours. Contact us today for availability.

Andy and Jennifer


Policies and Expectations

Please read and agree to honor the following guidelines and house policies. We don't ask much, but what we do ask is important. Thank you!


This is our home, and yours while you are here. Please relax and be our guest. It's not a hotel however. So, please treat everything gently and as in your own home. If something spills, please mop it up. If something breaks let us know so we could fix it. If something is missing or if you need any item please ask—we might have some around or know where to find it in town. Oh yeah, and always please remove your outdoor slippers or shoes inside the house.

Neighborhood/Quiet Hours

Please be aware of and respect our neighbors. This is a friendly family neighborhood with young children and we would like our neighbors to stay friendly and allow us to have guests visit from the mainland. Quiet hours are 9:pm-8:am. Sound and voices can travel up to a mile in all directions depending on the weather and wind. 


Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries of the bed and breakfast home is prohibited at all times.



Slow down. Go slow. Always obey the speed limits even though they seem incredibly slow by city standards and even if local drivers are going faster. Watch for kids playing or running into the street at all times. Please enjoy the scenery and vibe by going way slow.


Please remember we are on a septic system.  Most things should go in the trash or compost pile.  We put coffee grinds, egg shells, etc in the compost or trash.


Feel free to use spices, condiments, etc.  All I ask is you replace as reasonable.



We recycle all aluminum, glass and plastic with a ‘neck’. Unfortunately Maui does not have curbside recycling. Just put it in the plastic tubs by the garbage cans.


Plumbing & Laundry

We are on a private septic system. Please don't flush anything except #1 and #2 and easy on the paper. Everything else must go in the bin not down the drain. Please don't use any chemicals, drain-o, chlorine cleansers etc. as it drains to the garden and stream. If there is any plumbing problem, clog or especially any water leak please notify us immediately! Please don't wash sand down the drain—brush off all sand from the beach outside before using the shower.


Also, bath towels for the bath. Beach towels for the beach!


There is laundry available.  Please shake out all of the sand outside before putting in the machine. There is detergent for your use. Requires only 1/3 capful.



Please, absolutely no smoking inside the ohana. No way. If you must smoke cigarettes please go outside, and pick up all the butts when you’re finished. Likewise, please don't burn heavy incense or scented candles or oils, anything that leaves a lingering scent.



Please help yourself to whatever is ripe from the garden. You may find: lettuce, herbs, green onions, tomatoes and hot peppers in the front garden. There are bananas and tangerines right outside your door and an orange tree next door.  There are also several papaya trees and many hidden treats waiting to be discovered.


Typically the chickens wander the yard and are very friendly.  The blond one loves to be picked up. You may find a few eggs – feel free to use them.  They love kitchen scraps – fruits, vegetables, rice, etc.



We currently have two (a boy and a girl) and they are very friendly but very shy. They are usually penned at night, but left to graze the fenced-in property during the day. Feel free to say hi, but don’t be offended if they prance away from your attempts. They are skittish with strangers.



Hawaii has lots and lots of bugs.  And they can be big. Roaches, mosquitoes, ants, wasps and centipedes.   The chickens help to keep down our local population but if you see them, whack them.  Seriously, please try to minimize any problem by never leaving food out and always wiping up all crumbs, spills etc. on the counters and floors before leaving the room. The fridge is always the best bet or one of the provided jars. There are static bait traps so there should be minimal problem but depending on the weather, the populations can suddenly shift indoors. Please don't use any sprays. Manage the mosquitoes by keeping lights low and doors/windows closed from sunset until after dusk. Speaking of lights low, please conserve electricity at all times. Keep only one light on when you go out (e.g., porch lights or low intensity uplight.)


Please do not leave the screen doors open.  The chickens, cats and geckos etc will let themselves in. 


The Network name is Kaiapa Guest and the password was emailed to you with your confirmation. If you need the wifi password again, please email, call or text and we'll send it immediately.


If ANYTHING comes up, please let us know.


Mahalo and Aloha!


Jennifer & Andy


544 Kaiapa Pl
Haiku, Maui, HI 96708
Email :

Phone : 808-463-8715

B&B Permit BBPH 2013/0002
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